Anju Raya, Associate

Anju RayaAnju Raya Adira, Associate

Anju Raya Adira is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in the healthcare and technology fields and is now focused on leveraging her strengths to help improve or create social impact programs focused on individual empowerment that lead to thriving and connected communities. Through WNT projects, she is passionate about listening to the needs of the communities and helping them find innovative ways to remove barriers in any critical impacted area from health, education, finance, housing, and work force development to unleash meaningful change that leads to their success.

Previously, she was the founding team member at Net.Orange (later acquired by NantHealth) where she led the development and implementation of data-driven chronic disease management solutions. She has also been a technology consultant in the Life Sciences industry. Anju started her career at Siemens and Nortel Networks, spending 7 years as a quality assurance, software engineer and a senior product manager working on various wireless telecommunication platforms.

Anju has an M.S. in electrical engineering from Oakland University and a B.S. in computer science engineering from University of Texas at Arlington. She is a certified health coach and a Moving Worlds Institute Fellow where she gained experience in systems thinking and human-centered design. Her hobbies include reading and researching (anything and everything), playing tennis, and traveling the world to discover new and beautiful cultures and learn different belief systems and hear fascinating stories about life from people.