Our Clients

Woollard Nichols Torres Consulting primarily works with coalitions, task forces, and other collaborative initiatives to provide a multitude of services, including project management and coordination, administrative support, strategic planning and guidance, communications, and membership management and engagement. We also work with individual organizations and partnerships that are interested in assessing the environment for new programming and/or conducting internal operational assessment to increase efficiency. This includes assessing community and organizational needs, facilitating merger conversations, and supporting communications, development, and community engagement plans.

Our primary focus is in the social sector. We define the social sector as non-profit, public and private sector initiatives that build community well-being and help people reach their full potential. This often includes working with organizations and individuals focusing on health and human services, housing and community development, education, workforce development, and behavioral health.

Clients we are serving or have served include:

Working with Carol and Lily has helped MUSA tremendously! They both have gone above and beyond to provide various resources and coaching to help strengthen different areas of our organization.
Samantha Kovacs, Executive Director
Methodist Union of Social Agencies (MUSA)
The team at Woollard Nichols & Associates was amazing! They had a clear, deliberative process and were extremely open and communicative. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with them!
Lara George, Executive Director
The Christi Center
The decision to hire Woollard Nichols and Associates to manage our state association of home-delivered meal providers was the best investment Meals on Wheels Texas have ever made. Woollard Nichols’ staff, each of whom is a prodigious talent in their own right, work in concert to handle every task with the utmost professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. They have a unique ability to drive progress and to help our association leaders remain accountable without giving the appearance of doing so.
Greg Pittman, Board President
Meals on Wheels Texas
I’ve been with One Voice for several years now, but it wasn’t until I became chair that I truly saw the depth and breadth of the support that WNA provides for our coalition. They are simply amazing, responding in record time to requests and providing expert guidance for our group of 100 members. We simply couldn’t do the work that we do without their professional and diplomatic support!
Ronda Rutledge, Executive Director
Sustainable Food Center 
The WNA team’s support for the Travis County Plan for Children’s Mental Health was superb. Kelly and Sam brought the capacity to manage both the process of assembling and convening the community leadership needed to develop the plan as well as masterful execution of the final deliverables – the Plan itself as well as the Children’s Mental Health Summit. The day of the Summit was one of my proudest days as a board member of Austin Travis County Integral Care.
Matt Snapp
Austin Travis County Integral Care Board of Trustees 
The WNA team is absolutely wonderful to work with! Their experience, expertise and collaborative work style have been instrumental for the Youth Recovery Network. Thank you Sam, Kelly and Lily!
Julie McElrath
Youth Recovery Network 
Kelly Nichols and her team were wonderful to work with. They were supportive and responsive to the unique drivers within our organization, while still being able to drive the conversation forward. Over the course of six months we did a series of workshops with our team and came out of the experience with a strong directive and framework for the go forward. Kelly was very effective in creating a safe and open space for the team to come together and collaborate on a vision for our work.
Greg Rosenbaum, General Manager
Woollard Nichols & Associates is my go-to consulting firm not only because they do excellent, quality work on a timely basis but also because they commit to learning the client’s business, both the nuances of our agency and the non-profit world in which we operate. I have no hesitation recommending them to anyone serious about succeeding and making a positive impact in our community.
Adam Hauser, President & CEO
Meals on Wheels Central Texas
Woollard Nichols & Associates assisted the Travis County Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (YSAPC) in submitting two federal grant applications. They are wonderful to work with – they designed a planning process, facilitated discussions, compiled and edited information for our narrative, and crafted an excellent budget narrative. We would not have been able to submit such professional and thoughtfully-crafted proposals without their assistance. I highly recommend them!
Stephanie Rainbolt
Travis County Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition 
My experience with Sam and Carol was that they are excellent in their roles! Sam is very adept at taking large amounts of information and rapidly boiling that down in a way that makes it instantly useful. Not an easy thing to do with several people in a room, yet she makes it look effortless! In addition, her written summaries have proven very helpful and provide a clear map on what actions to next take.
Carol is highly adept at determining what each member of the board is best at and would most enjoy, among other things. This saves time, energy and expense, and I feel sure assists with board retention. Also, helps with team-building and leadership development.
Kimberly Allen, Board Chair
I have worked with Sam and her experience, expertise and knowledge is unmatched. She is extremely resourceful and can find information no one else seems capable of finding. She serves as a project manager for executive directors, providing leadership strategy and communication tools to keep busy executives informed, and on track. Thanks Sam, for your excellence!
Lily is an impeccable professional who executes and manages projects very well. Her work ethic is stellar; her product is exceptional. She is diligent, smart, extremely respectful and timely. She has never missed a deadline and commits to the project until the end. Thank you Lily for your amazing work!
Juanita Budd, Executive Director
Austin Free-Net
Sam Woollard is ‘community organizer’ on steroids. Her network and understanding of the community non-profit infrastructure are unmatched. Her ability to notice details and “read the tea leaves,” give me confidence in her advice and written work. Kelly’s knowledge of City programs and funding sources will give clients an edge when it comes to contract negotiations and grant writing. More and more, collaboration is key, and combining the skills of Sam and Kelly adds depth to their ability to bring players together and advance community partnerships!
Ann Gill Howard, Executive Director
Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO)
Lily is a gifted nonprofit professional who lets her actions and results speak for her more than her words. She has an uncanny ability to listen, connect dots, and then translate those connections into meaningful actions. And if Lily says she will take action, she will do whatever it takes to move work forward. I have terrific respect for Lily, her accomplishments, and how she goes about her work.
Tod Marvin, President & CEO
Easterseals Central Texas