Our Team

Our Team

Sam Woollard

Sam Woollard, Principal

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For the last thirty years, Sam Woollard has worked with non-profit, governmental and private funding organizations to establish and coordinate diverse public-private partnerships, create innovative programs, facilitate community conversations, and lead groups to community solutions …

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Kelly Nichols

Kelly Stewart Nichols, Principal

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Kelly Stewart Nichols is an experienced professional on a mission to help people and institutions come together to solve big problems. She has a knack for translating complex issues into understandable concepts …

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Andrea Torres

Andrea Torres, Managing Partner

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With nearly twenty years of work experience in the local government and nonprofit sectors, Andrea Torres is committed to helping organizations create a greater and lasting impact for the people they serve and the broader community. She believes in the power of…

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Kelley Abell

Kelley Abell, Project Manager

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Kelley Abell brings to WNT experience in the arts non-profit sector and a commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion in her own work and the organizations she supports. A performer turned educator-facilitator, she has a vested interest in creative problem-solving, using dialogue as a process to create and sustain meaningful change, and asset-based thinking.

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Autumn Ford

Autumn Ford Vasquez, Social Impact Strategist

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Autumn finds great pleasure in being a helping hand in the success of any organization she works with, and always strives to make sure that no voice gets lost in a crowd. Prior to WNT, Autumn worked at Luminosa Research as a Research Consultant where she spent most of her time analyzing data, writing reports and assisting in meeting and focus groups.

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Kat Horstmann

Katherine “Kat” Horstmann, Lead Social Impact Strategist

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Kat is a creative practitioner and design researcher deeply interested in the relationship between the body and built/natural environment. She spent nine formative years in New York City and during that time worked in affordable housing design research and advocacy, as well as social impact documentary filmmaking.

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Madeleine Jordan-Lord

Madeleine Jordan-Lord, Lead Social Impact Strategist

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Madeleine Jordan-Lord gravitates toward roles with a person-centered approach to social change. She roots her work in emergent strategy and is excited by the dynamic and collaborative nature of coalitions. As a Lead Social Impact Strategist, she is honored to cultivate impact networks...

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Corie 2024

Corie Lonidier, Lead Social Impact Strategist

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Corie (she/her) has thirteen years of experience as a project coordinator, having spent the past eight years focused on supporting the many moving parts of nonprofit organizations. With Input as her top Clifton Strength, she has a natural inclination to gather and organize information – and with that, she has built a wealth of knowledge related to communications, facilitation, programming, and administration...

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In order to complement and expand the services we currently offer, WNT is excited to introduce our Associates!

Anju Raya

Anju Raya Adira, Associate

Anju Raya Adira is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in the healthcare and technology fields and is now focused on leveraging her strengths to help improve or create social impact programs focused on individual empowerment that lead to thriving and connected communities.

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Katie Ropes Berry cropped (1)

Katie Ropes Berry, Associate

As a researcher and consultant, Katie has over 10 years of experience designing research, collecting and analyzing data and has worked with national and private organizations, and has co-authored both peer-reviewed publications and lay reports. Katie was the WNT Director of Research and Evaluation before she moved back to Florida in August 2019. 

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Carol Johnson

Carol Johnson, Associate

Carol Johnson is passionate about equipping managers and teams of people to work most effectively and efficiently together.  She strongly advocates an approach that enables people to enhance their strengths, rather than focusing on “fixing” their weaknesses. Only through…

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"Working with Woollard Nichols & Associates on strategic planning was transformational for our program. They developed and executed an iterative process that allowed for full staff participation and creative approaches to analyzing our current work and visioning an expanded impact. The result is a clear and ambitious strategic growth plan that has energized our staff and stakeholders, and will grow our impact from 1000 to 3500 students by 2024."                                     Mary Ellen Isaacs, Director, Literacy First

"Kelly Nichols and her team were wonderful to work with. They were supportive and responsive to the unique drivers within our organization, while still being able to drive the conversation forward. Over the course of six months we did a series of workshops with our team and came out of the experience with a strong directive and framework for the go forward. Kelly was very effective in creating a safe and open space for the team to come together and collaborate on a vision for our work."
Greg Rosenbaum, General Manager, SXSW EDU

"The decision to hire Woollard Nichols and Associates to manage our state association of home-delivered meal providers was the best investment Meals on Wheels Texas has ever made. Woollard Nichols’ staff, each of whom is a prodigious talent in their own right, work in concert to handle every task with the utmost professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. They have a unique ability to drive progress and to help our association leaders remain accountable without giving the appearance of doing so."
Greg Pittman, Board President, Meals on Wheels Texas

"I’ve been with One Voice for several years now, but it wasn’t until I became chair that I truly saw the depth and breadth of the support that WNA provides for our coalition. They are simply amazing, responding in record time to requests and providing expert guidance for our group of 100 members. We simply couldn’t do the work that we do without their professional and diplomatic support!"
Ronda Rutledge, Executive Director, Sustainable Food Center

"My experience with Sam and Carol was that they are excellent in their roles! Sam is very adept at taking large amounts of information and rapidly boiling that down in a way that makes it instantly useful. Not an easy thing to do with several people in a room, yet she makes it look effortless! In addition, her written summaries have proven very helpful and provide a clear map on what actions to next take. Carol is highly adept at determining what each member of the board is best at and would most enjoy, among other things. This saves time, energy and expense, and I feel sure assists with board retention. Also, helps with team-building and leadership development."
Kimberly Allen, Board Chair, RecoveryPeople

"The WNA team’s support for the Travis County Plan for Children’s Mental Health was superb. Kelly and Sam brought the capacity to manage both the process of assembling and convening the community leadership needed to develop the plan as well as masterful execution of the final deliverables – the Plan itself as well as the Children’s Mental Health Summit. The day of the Summit was one of my proudest days as a board member of Austin Travis County Integral Care."
Matt Snapp, Austin Travis County Integral Care Board of Trustees