Our Approach

Sam Woollard and Kelly Nichols founded Woollard Nichols & Associates in 2013 to support cross-sector collaboration and build the capacity of the social sector. Andrea Torres joined the company as a managing partner in 2021. In 2023, we changed our firm name to Woollard Nichols Torres Consulting to honor Andrea's status as partner.

WNT works with coalitions and other collaborative initiatives as well as with individual organizations in the social sector.

We are a women-owned and led company actively working toward becoming an anti-racist organization. In our work, we sustain a commitment to engaging consumer and end-user voice in our work; utilizing inclusive facilitation methods that allow for distributed leadership and shared power; and addressing and dismantling structures of power that further institutional racism when we see them. We know that this work is a journey and not a destination, and we are invested in the long-term work of furthering racial justice and all forms of equity in our work.

What We Believe

(with acknowledgement to the National Equity Project)

  • Our current systems perpetuate inequity by design.
  • It is possible to achieve more just, equitable, and liberating systems.
  • We need one another - our fates are linked.
  • Transforming power and co-creation are core tenets of equity.
  • We can lead by example.

Our Guiding Principles for Client-Based Work

Local Knowledge: Understanding that local communities are best suited to addressing local challenges, and seeking out partners and knowledge from within the local community.

Inclusion of Impacted Stakeholders:  Ensuring that those with both lived experience and professional knowledge, as well as front-line staff in additional to executive leadership, are included, speak and heard in decision-making settings.

Asset Orientation: Helping groups move from a scarcity or deficit-based model to one of abundance and focusing on strengths to help individuals and teams maximize their potential.

Shared Ownership: Acknowledging that no one person owns the vision or has all the answers for a project, but rather that collective ownership will result in the best outcomes.

Accountable Spaces: Serving as conveners who are trusted to guide groups to have critical conversations that foster inclusive and impactful dialogue.

Bias for Action: We encourage entrepreneurial approaches to germinate new ideas and practices in the group, as long as they align with our mission.

"The team at Woollard Nichols & Associates was amazing! They had a clear, deliberative process and were extremely open and communicative. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with them!"
Lara George, Executive Director, The Christi Center

"The work that WNA provided to our executive staff team allowed us to focus on our strategic priorities for this fiscal year. We now have clearly defined, measurable strategic initiatives that will guide and inform our work this year. I have every confidence that WNA's work with us will help make this year our best yet! Thank you for your tremendous support!"
Tamara Atkinson, Chief Executive Officer
Workforce Solutions Capital Area

"Woollard Nichols & Associates is my go-to consulting firm not only because they do excellent, quality work on a timely basis but also because they commit to learning the client’s business, both the nuances of our agency and the non-profit world in which we operate. I have no hesitation recommending them to anyone serious about succeeding and making a positive impact in our community."
Adam Hauser, President & CEO, Meals on Wheels Central Texas

"Kelly Nichols is a brilliant focus group facilitator - thoughtful and diplomatic - and also highly organized, easy to work with, and very responsive to client needs."
Heidi Aggeler, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Root Policy Research