Madeleine Jordan-Lord, Lead Social Impact Strategist

Madeleine Jordan-LordMadeleine Jordan-Lord, Lead Social Impact Strategist

Madeleine Jordan-Lord gravitates toward roles with a person-centered approach to social change. She roots her work in emergent strategy and is excited by the dynamic and collaborative nature of coalitions. As a Lead Social Impact Strategist, she is honored to cultivate impact networks and to provide her clients with process-oriented support to grow their capacity.

Prior to joining WNT, Madeleine worked with Performing Statistics, a cultural organizing project that uses art to model, imagine, and advocate for a world without youth incarceration. She thrives when she is collaborating on justice-oriented creative projects. Madeleine is a 2018 graduate of the University of Richmond, where she studied History and American Studies. A humanities learner through and through, Madeleine loves writing, qualitative data and research, archival processing, and storytelling.

In her personal time, Madeleine enjoys catching up with friends, planting native wildflowers, dipping in Barton Springs Pool, and exploring art practices.