Meet our New Team Members (and a Love Letter to Bennu Coffee)

Meet our New Team Members (and a Love Letter to Bennu Coffee)

Here at WNA, we like coffee. We spend a significant amount of time at Austin coffee shops (our favorite is Bennu on E. MLK). In fact, if you’re reading this in Central Texas, it’s likely that you’ve had coffee with us at one time or another. Coffee fuels our work.

Bennu also serves as a metaphor for how we’re trying to grow as a firm – it’s a welcoming, inclusive and comfortable place that supports both dialogue and introspection. They understand their role as a part of a global and a local community. It’s not too fancy, but the staff there are skilled and take pride in what they do. They’re not afraid to try new things.

As we navigate the eco-cycle of our own organization (future blog post to focus more on this topic), we are thrilled to announce three very talented new members of the WNA team. Take a look at these excerpts from their bios:


[blockquote content=”the diversity of her professional experiences demonstrate her adaptability and an aptitude for problem solving”]

-Jadeline Cao


[blockquote content=”…a keen eye for detail, an appreciation of community and organizational history, and an understanding of the power and limitations of data and statistics “]

-Kate Moore


[blockquote content=”believes in the power of measuring performance and critically reviewing systems and processes to ensure that an organization’s operations are effectively and efficiently aligned with their mission”]

Andrea Torres


Can you see why we’re excited?! Andrea, Jadeline, and Kate are bringing a wealth of new knowledge and experience – both professional and lived – to the WNA team, and will allow us to scale up and broaden the services we currently provide. Their versatile skill sets will complement and enhance our three focus areas of strategy, development and coalition support. Kate knows strategic planning and community assessment inside and out. Andrea’s sweet spot is tackling tough operational challenges. Jadeline’s attention to detail will help provide exceptional service to multiple community boards and coalitions. To learn more about makes our new team members tick, read their full bios. You’ll also be hearing from them in their own words in future blog posts.

And most importantly? They all drink coffee!