What Does Sam Woollard Love More than a Good Astros Game?!?

What Does Sam Woollard Love More than a Good Astros Game?!?

Being able to rock her One Voice Central Texas jersey, recently gifted at One Voice Central Texas’ 40th Anniversary Party, while attending an Astros game, of course! Over the last 40 years, One Voice Central Texas has existed as a coalition of nonprofit health and human service organizations working to make sure that everyone can contribute to the Central Texas community and thrive.

Since 2013, Woollard Nichols Torres Consulting (WNT) has provided administrative and strategic guidance of the facilitation and execution of One Voice’s membership meetings, events, advocacy, partnerships, fundraising, adaption of its 403(b) multi-employer retirement plan, and more.

When recently asked to briefly describe the relationship between WNT and One Voice and One Voice’s plan to continue working with our firm, the Executive Committee said: “WNT is always responsive, proactively thinking and planning ahead, and friendly with all members of OVCT. They understand and are committed to our mission and the collaborations brought about through OVCT. We plan to continue to work with them and would recommend working with them to other organizations.”

Helping clients like One Voice Central Texas celebrate its 40-year anniversary has also reminded WNT of its impact over the last 10 years. One Voice Central Texas was one of our very first clients and since then we have worked on over 200 mission-oriented projects for more than 80 clients leading to impactful social progress within our community and across the US.

We look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries and achievements throughout the years and appreciate One Voice’s trust in our firm to play an important role in making this possible!

PS: We know they lost last night, but Astros forever!

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