Announcing Our New Managing Partner Andrea Torres

Andrea Torres

Announcing Our New Managing Partner Andrea Torres

About five years ago, we met with Andrea as she started her own consulting business. Both Kelly and Sam had known and admired Andrea and were excited about looking for projects we could work on together and she became one of our Associates. Over time we realized that Andrea’s skillset is a great complement to the two of us as business owners. Not only is she extremely talented in assisting us with community and organizational assessments, she has a great ability to help us think through how we should be structured as a growing business and how we can better support our amazing staff. At the end of 2019, we approached Andrea about becoming WNA’s managing partner. As per her thoughtful and deliberative manner, we spent about six months reviewing all the aspects and expectations which made clear to us what a valuable asset she will be and we were thrilled when she said yes. It will all become official on January 1, 2021 and we could not be more excited than to welcome her as an official partner.

In Andrea’s words: I am so excited and honored to be joining the WNA team as Managing Partner in January 2021. Over the course of my career I’ve worked in both local government and the nonprofit sector and have appreciated making positive change in my community. Over the last five years, I’ve been an independent consultant and have had the pleasure to contract as an Associate with WNA and have seen first-hand the dedication that this team has to providing top-notch guidance and support to our area coalitions and associations, strong facilitation expertise for strategic planning, and excellent research and analysis for organizational and community assessments. As Managing Partner I’ll work closely with our coalition support team, provide support on select short-term projects, and continue the management coaching services that I bring from my previous consulting work. I look forward to starting the new year working with this exceptional team!

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