WNA is now Woollard Nichols Torres Consulting! 

WNA is now Woollard Nichols Torres Consulting! 

Sam Woollard and Kelly Nichols founded Woollard Nichols & Associates in 2013 to support cross-sector collaboration and build the capacity of the social sector. In 2021, Andrea Torres joined the company as a managing partner after working with the team for several years as a contractor on both client and internal projects. After two years, we’re making it official and changing our firm name to Woollard Nichols Torres Consulting to honor Andrea’s status as partner. 

We’re also proud to unveil a new logo (that looks substantially similar to our old logo) as well as updated mission and vision statements:

Our mission is to build the capacity of social sector networks, collaborative initiatives, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to develop cultures that support sustained collaboration, data-driven decision making and equitable processes and implementation. 

We have a vision of vibrant and inclusive teams, organizations and communities armed with trust, purpose and data to address inequities and make system change. 

We have also updated our service specializations to include:

Sustained Collaboration Support; 
Facilitating Strategic Decision Making, and
Coaching for Impact

Review our service specializations in more detail here.

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